Xi'an super Code Technology Co., Ltd.

  Xi'an Chaoma Technology Co Ltd is a China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Fourth Research Institu te, Xi'an Aerospace Composite Materials Institute of aerospace, Klc Holdings Ltd and other units jointly funded the establishment of the high-tech enterprises China Aerospace holdings, founded in November 18, 2005, its predecessor for carbon friction material factory of Xi'an Aerospace Composite Materials Institute subordinate. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development of carbon / carbon composite materials, products and equipment production, sales and maintenance, has now formed a carbon / carbon composite products and carbon / ceramic composite material products as the focus of the series, diversified production pattern. 



        Human super code

        The three spirits forever":

        【Space spirit】Self reliance and cooperation, respect for science, rigorous and pragmatic dedication to the cause of the courage to climb
        【"Two bombs and one satellite" 】Love the motherland selfless self-reliance hard cooperation brave climb
        【Manned space flight spirit】Special ability to endure hardship, special combat can be especially dedicated