About us

Chronicle of events

On 18th November, 2005, we established Xi’an Chaoma Technology Co., Ltd. (former Carbon Friction Material Plant under the 43rd research institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation), and successfully developed China’s first set of carbon/carbon thermal field material used for polysilicon hydrogenation furnace in 2005.

In 2006, Research and Application of New Aviation C/C Brake Material Program and Boeing 757-200 Aircraft Carbon Brake Disc Program were awarded the First Prize of Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Award and the Special Award of Shanxi Provincial Defense Science and Technology Progress Award respectively.

On 27th October 2008, the flight testing piece of A320 carbon/carbon brake disc developed by our company passed the airworthiness review of the Civil Aviation Northwest Bureau and gained Airworthiness Approval Certificate.

On 22nd January 2009, we launched production line construction, acquired the first domestic PMA certificate of A320 aircraft carbon brake disc, and was awarded the High and New Technology Enterprise Award jointly issued by Department of Technology, Department of Finance, Department of State Taxation, and Department of Local Taxation in Shanxi Province.

In 2010, with the successful approval for quality management system annual review for carbon disc repair as well as the new A320 carbon brake disc (CM-GA31984) repair program passing the review, our total number of repair programs added up to 10.

In 2011 and 2012, a number of our programs and products were respectively awarded National Key New Projects, the First Prize of Shanxi Provincial Defense Science and Technology Progress Award, the Second Prize of Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Award, and Xi’an Top Brand Product.

In November 2014, the standards for needling carbon/carbon composites used in nozzle throat developed by our company was certified by State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, and was also in line with standards in China’s Aerospace Industry.

In 2016, our company passed the confidential qualification review for scientific weapons, awarded with the third-class confidentiality qualification.